canucmeIn an attempt to support and safeguard the 65,000 looked after children and care leavers, The Children’s Partnership has produced a summary briefing on the vital health services this group of young people should be receiving.

Young people aged 16 or over who leave the care system are more likely to leave school early, have poorer health, fall into crime and be vulnerable to homelessness, drug issues and unemployment.

The Children’s Partnership’s briefing outlines services who could help them avoid these negative outcomes and a programme of inspections, carried out by the Care Quality Commission, on how health services can keep children safe and contribute to promoting their health and wellbeing.

It also details the NHS mandate, working with schools and children’s social services to safeguard them, and the Care Leaver Strategy, a cross-departmental document that sets out the steps the government is taking -from housing to health services, from the justice system to educational institutions - to support care leavers to live independently once they have left their placement.

There is also a list of vital questions to ensure improved healthcare, such as whether workforce standards around supporting children in care are being met, particular messages to ensure that the right people, leadership and training are in place, and how children can be involved in decisions about their health and planning of services. There is also a wide range of downloadable research documents, reports and publications to access.

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