Government officials have buckled under freedom of information requests and today admitted that midwives and health visitors will be amongst the job cuts in the health service across the UK, reports The Telegraph.

A staggering 53,150 NHS posts are due to be lost across 155 hospital trusts, 126 primary care trusts, 23 ambulance trusts and 54 mental health trusts in England, as well as 15 Scottish trusts, nine Welsh trusts and six trusts in Northern Ireland.

East Lancashire will be amongst the worst casualties for family health care workers with an expected loss of 1,013 full time employees between 2010 and 2015, including 270 nurses, midwives and health visitors.

The Department of Health attempted to play down the figures. A spokesman said that while the Government was "unapologetic" about reducing managerial posts in the NHS, doctor and health visitor numbers had risen since the election.

An outcry from midwifery and health visitor unions is expected in response to these figures and we will bring you the latest responses when we receive them.

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