Concern about the future employment prospects of student midwives is a key concern of one senior midwife joining the protest march this Saturday.

Sara Eades, 54, a Royal College of Midwives steward from East Anglia, who works in a delivery suite, said she decided to join the march last November.

She'll be joining colleagues from all over England, who marching to express their collective concern about funding cuts.

She said: "It is important that we show solidarity with the whole of the NHS and with all of our colleagues. I am concerned about the employment prospects for our student midwives. Up until this year, we have been able to employ all of our trainees, but I am not sure if we will be able to do that in future years.

"If we don't hire more midwives, our current level of work will not be sustainable, especially if we receive more cuts. The cuts will dramatically impact the quality of care that we can give to mothers and babies."

By marching on Saturday, she said that she wants to see the government honour its pre-election pledge to recruit 3,000 more midwives.

She added: "I want to see an increase in the number of midwives and an increase in choice in maternity care for women."

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