The head of the Troubled Families Programme, Louise Casey, urged midwives to recognise their powers and reach out to families who need help - even the ones not necessarily asking for help.

She explained to midwives attending the RCM conference in Brighton that there is strong evidence of the effectiveness of early intervention and that midwives can play a vital role because "you are trusted at a pivotal time in their lives".

She added: "I am asking you to see a role for yourself in this and, if you need to, shout for help. If you see a vulnerable young pregnant girl this could be the one chance to get in there early and intervene."

Casey admitted sometimes she comes across families whose problems seem too entrenched and difficult, but is inspired by seeing the results.

"It's ok for us to say it's not ok to repeat the mistakes of their own troubled parents," she said and ended by asking midwives to raise any concerns they may have have with their Troubled Family Coordinators.

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