A baby defied the odds by coming back to life 25 minutes after being "stillborn", thanks to a revolutionary new freezing treatment.

Baby Ella Claxton, now a happy and healthy nine month old, was saved when doctors detected a faint heart beat and decided to employ the new cooling technique, to induce a state of hypothermia and reduce the risk of brain damage.

The special "Thermakid" cooling blanket placed around Ella by medics at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge lowered her core temperature and reduced the swelling around her brain.

After three days, her temperature was slowly raised by half a degree at a time until it was back to normal.

Although Ella still needs physiotherapy, recent scans have amazingly shown no brain abnormalities.

Campaigners now want the treatment to be rolled out across the NHS.

Ella's mum, who is leading the campaign, paid tribute to her daughter, saying: "She's our little miracle and every day she gives us new hope."

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