molludabAlliance Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the launch of MolluDab, an effective topical treatment for molluscum contagiosum, now available on prescription in the UK. Alliance has also developed an informative product website to help molluscum contagiosum patients (or their parents) which ‘goes live’ in July, see:  

MolluDab contains 5% potassium hydroxide and is a clinically proven1 treatment for this common viral infection of the skin. Application is simple with an easy, dab-on device. MolluDab causes keratolysis of the epidermal cells, then hydrolysis of membrane lipids and proteolysis of viral proteins. An inflammatory reaction ensues after 4-6 days as the patients’ immune system can recognise the exposed virus. Once the virus is killed, the lesions have a chance to heal and results are seen after 1-5 weeks, far quicker than allowing the condition to resolve of its own accord.

Molluscum contagiosum is relatively harmless, yet highly contagious and most frequently affects young children (with the maximum incidence in preschoolers aged 1-4). The condition manifests as a rash of raised, shiny bumps and can last for several years. In difficult-to-treat cases taking a ‘watch and wait’ approach isn’t ideal. Persistent cases may cause prolonged embarrassment for the child and more potential for spread. This is where MolluDab treatment can help.

The clinical evidence for MolluDab includes a study conducted by Jansen et al. (2007)1 in 21 children to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of 5% potassium hydroxide (KOH), applied twice daily. MolluDab’s efficacy and tolerability was confirmed alongside good patient compliance and simple application, making it perfect for home treatment. In another (20-child) study, after applying potassium hydroxide twice daily, Romiti et al. (2000)3 showed that the molluscum contagiosum had cleared within 6 weeks.

MolluDab is available on prescription from GPs or to purchase from pharmacists - PIP-code 379-5333. It is a CE marked class I medical device.