Fifty-eight per cent of girls aged 14-15 said they were unhappy with their weight or figure, and wanted to diet, a study by the School Health Education Unit has revealed.

The research found that a quarter of girls in year 10 skipped breakfast on the day of the survey, while a fifth had avoided lunch on the previous day. Of those who had skipped breakfast, 36 per cent also skipped lunch the previous day.

In total, 31,354 boys and girls were questioned about their eating habits for the survey.

The researchers said: ""An analysis of the characteristics of the year 10 females shows that most of those wanting to lose weight are within the limits of "healthy" weight, and some are already underweight."

The same survey also found that more than a fifth (22 per cent) of 14-15 year olds didn't think they were getting enough sleep to concentrate at school.

Posted by Robert Mair on 23/07/2012