With chronic eczema so severe that Great Ormond Street wanted to admit her to hospital, little Lulu Balmond's quality of life as a three-year-old wasn't good.

Her eczema was so painful, she had to be bandaged every night in order to sleep and even then it was so sore that Lulu, now 14, often cried herself to sleep.

In desperation - and finding that the commonly-prescribed treatments seemed to aggravate, rather than soothe this painful condition - Lulu's mum, Natalie, experimented with natural herbs to try to come up with an alternative remedy.

After months of trial and error a cream, made from a combination of soothing oils and herbs, finally helped to heal Lulu's painfully sore skin.

Friends who also had children with eczema clamoured to try the remedy and found it worked for them, too.

Skin Salvation is now available both over-the-counter and on prescription. It's completely steroid-free - easing the worry many parents have about the potential side-effects of using such creams on their children.

Natalie said: "Developing my ointment really was a last resort. Life with Lula's eczema had become unbearable." But once the cream was applied: "Lula was like a different child, our lives were transformed."

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