The British Heart Foundation has launched a new campaign exposing unhealthy foods and encouraging people to be ‘food smart’.

The Change4Life ‘Be Food Smart’ initiative will feature graphic adverts revealing a bottle of cola contains 17 sugar cubes while a large pizza is loaded with enough fat to fill a wine glass.

The advert encourages everyone to think about what is in the food they’re eating so they can better manage the amount of salt, saturated fat and sugar in their diets. The campaign will also see retailers and manufacturers promote healthy foods and supermarkets offer deals on healthier products.

Victoria Taylor, our Senior Dietitian, said: “This certainly looks like a tasty partnership between the food industry and Government but we need to make sure it’s not just a flash in the pan.

“If we’re to lessen the heavy burden of obesity this campaign must provide the spark for a continued, joined-up approach to the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity across the UK

“We all have a responsibility for the food we eat and cook at home but it’s important we’re supported and encouraged to make healthy choices by our environment. What we see on TV, the labels on packaging and the way we learn about food and cooking all play their part and can make a healthy difference to our diets.”