'Baby brain' - where new mums become forgetful and absent-minded - might be a myth, and becoming a mother might actually improve a woman's memory, scientists have claimed.

The scientists, from the Carlos Albizu University, Miami, found that mothers scored better on tests looking at the ability to remember information about surroundings compared to women who weren't mothers. 

Presenting her findings to a meeting of the American Psychological Association, researcher Melissa Santiago said; "You don't have to feel that because you have kids, your memory isn't the same."

Previous similar tests have thrown up differing results. Some have supported the findings of the most recent report, while others have indicated that motherhood could harm memory and brain function.

The study looked at 35 first-time mothers with children aged 10-24 months and 35 women who had never been pregnant. The researchers have called for a larger study to take place, focusing on a larger sample of women of different ethnicities and taking place over a longer period of time.

Story posted by Robert Mair on 06/08/2012