News, By Lily Pritchard, 28 January 2014

healthcarecrewSkills for Health (SfH) has launched a revised and updated Employability Skills Matrix (ESM) to help employers and individuals working across the healthcare sector to identify the personal skills, qualities, values, attributes and behaviours needed to improve the delivery of care. 

The importance of employing and recruiting staff with the right attributes to contribute to high quality care is becoming increasingly essential in the healthcare workforce, and SfH chief executive John Rodgers says these new guidelines will help support changing culture from ambulance services to community care.

"By increasing the focus on recruiting and developing specific values , we expect that the ESM will also help healthcare organisations to improve their overall "culture" to enable better delivery for end care for patients," he said. 

The revised plan will give a wide perspective, taking into account the national strategies for health published by the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and by the Department for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland (DHSSPSNI).

While much of the emphasis of these recent reports has been on improving systems and processes, there are also important indicators on the personal skills, qualities, values, attributes and behaviours which should underpin the work of everyone working in a health context.

The ESM can help staff at all levels to identify employability skills and knowledge "gaps". In turn, this can help them find relevant information about how to develop themselves and stay motivated. The ESM will also assist employers to 'grow their own' staff.

This focus on employability skills will enable organisations to develop a "value set" that will result in better motivated and trained staff, greater staff satisfaction & reduced staff turnover and lower costs as a result of reduced staff turnover and higher levels of efficiency.