thomson Thomson Screening, a spin-out company from City University, London, have released results of a large scale trial using School Screener, the company’s revolutionary software that automates screening for children’s vision, hearing and Body Mass Index (BMI), including administration and referral management. School Screener offers a smart solution making effective screening available to even the most budget-constrained areas.

Commenting on the findings, John Brown of the Institute of Education, University of London said: “Many children with vision and hearing problems go undiagnosed. The pilots of the School Screener software demonstrate that screening effectiveness can be substantially improved with benefits for children’s development and cost savings for Special Needs.”

NHS guidelines recommend that all children should be screened during their first year at school. However, surveys by the RNIB and Which have shown that at least a third of children in England are not currently tested. Even where a screening programme is in place, the methods are often variable and children are rarely followed through the referral pathway.

'Reflecting on the benefits using of School Screener Sabeen Saeed, Specialist Orthoptist in Barnet commented 'implementing School Screener has demonstrated improvements to the standard of screening provision'.

Professor David Thomson, who leads development of the School Screener software, said: “Poor vision or hearing can have a significant impact on a child’s educational and social development. The trials have shown that our system provides an extremely accurate, efficient and cost effective way of ensuring that children with vision or hearing problems are picked up at the earliest opportunity. Vision screening takes only three minutes per child and with support for 25 languages and a secure cloud-based back office system, the software is set to revolutionise children’s screening in the UK and internationally.”

School Screener manages testing, administration and pathway management for referred children. The software includes comprehensive management information enabling timely interventions to improve service delivery.  West Sussex Healthy Child Programme commented ‘we have recently piloted School Screener. The benefits identified for patients, staff and the Sussex Community Trust quality agenda has led to the decision to now roll out School Screener across the West Sussex County’.

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