Leading dietitian and JFHC board member, Judy More, was awarded the "best practice" prize at last week's CPHVA/Unite Annual Conference [20 Oct].

She received the award on behalf of the Infant and Toddler Forum for their new factsheet poster, "Evidence Based Portion Sizes for 1-3 Years", first presented at the conference in Brighton.

Upon accepting the award, Paediatric Dietitian Judy said: "Our poster presented the simple, practical advice that we have produced on portion size ranges for toddlers.

"We are very proud of the research and resulting recommendations, and I think an award like this helps support the validity of evidence-based best practice guidance on pre-school feeding and nutrition."

The poster provides the first scientifically researched and peer-reviewed recommendations on providing toddlers with the right diet to meet their nutritional requirements without them becoming overweight.

Judges were impressed by the simple, yet thorough detail provided by the poster which explained how the ITF used surveys of one to three year olds and Dietplan6 data to propose suitable portion sizes split into food groups.

CPHVA/Unite professional officer, Gavin Fergie, said: "The standard at this year's awards was very high and the ITF poster ticked all the boxes.

"Its clear messages were very impactful on delegates, with no guesswork needed and their presentation was highly relevant to clinical practice and it was clear how the guidance could be used when advising families on how much to feed pre-school children, reinforcing and in some cases improving, the practical knowledge of community practitioners.

"Judy More was very informative on the subject of toddler portion sizes and the accompanying factsheet was an excellent resource to be able to take away from the presentation."



Watch Judy speaking to JFHC editor, Penny Hosie, about winning the award and how she hopes the portion size guidance is used here 

Click here to download a copy of the portion sizes poster


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