School Games president Prince Harry has issued a new video urging Britain's children to "get into sport" following reports that many eight to 10-year-olds are active for only 20 minutes a day.

In the video message (which you can watch in full below) Harry says sport teaches key values like discipline, hard work and respect.

The Prince, who's school sport experience included competing in the Young England vs Young Australia Polo Test Match, hopes that children take the opportunities afforded to them by the Olympic Legacy project of which he is a leading patron.

He told The Sun newspaper that: "London 2012 will put sport in the spotlight in this country like never before. I hope young people will feel inspired to follow in the footsteps of our Olympic heroes and get involved. To every student out there who may not think sport is for them, I would say there's no better time to have a go - try something different and start a sporting habit to last a lifetime."

Watch Prince Harry's full video message here:

His comments follow the publication of research from the Universities of Strathclyde and Newcastle which showed the drastically low levels of participation in sport among under-10s.

Prof John Reilly, from the University of Strathclyde, said: "There is an urgent need for interventions, at home and at school, which will help primary school children become more physically active."

The researchers said it was important that parents did more to get their children into sport, but that it was also the responsibility of schools and education authorities.

Dr Mark Pearce from Newcastle University added: "One of the important things is that most girls don't see sport as cool.

"We need to be tackling these issues earlier by encouraging girls to exercise, by providing a wider range of opportunities than are currently on offer, and by ensuring they see positive female role models, particularly in the media."

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