The PSHE Association has said they are "disappointed but unsurprised" that the Opposition amendment to the Children and Families Bill, which would have made PSHE statutory, was defeated in the Commons.

However, the Association say they will take many positives from the events leading up to the vote, not least the energy and commitment shown by politicians from different parties, teachers, parents and pupils to PSHE education.

A spokesman added: "This support stands us in good stead for future efforts to ensure that every child gets a high-quality PSHE education. The debate on the Children and Families Bill is now going to the Lords where we understand that the Opposition will once again table the amendment to make PSHE education statutory."

Support children's wider development
There was also a short debate on PSHE education in the Lords yesterday [11 June], with the Minister, Lord Nash, confirming that the DfE is looking closely at an amendment to the national curriculum framework which would more explicitly link PSHE and statutory duties on all schools to provide a balanced and broad curriculum which supports children's wider development and prepares them for life.

The Association say they remain hopeful that some of the amendments to the national curriculum which other groups, such as the Sex Education Forum, have suggested will be taken on board.