Leading public health professionals have endorsed an interactive template that helps local healthcare decision makers maintain and improve immunisation uptake rates during the transition to locally commissioned public health services.

The Good Practice Template for the Immunisation Component of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) has been produced by MM Immunisation Delivery And Solutions (MMIDAS) Ltd. on behalf of Sanofi Pasteur MSD to assist health and social care professionals who are completing the vaccine and immunisation component of the JSNA.

The template will enable health and social care professionals who are compiling the JSNA to examine the information that is available about vaccine uptake in their local area and consider ways to improve coverage. Local vaccine uptake information can be inserted into the vaccine coverage tables that are included within the template, enabling rates to be compared to regional and national uptake. This will help local healthcare stakeholders identify priorities and develop plans for meeting local need.

The template has been developed by experienced NHS professionals and is endorsed by leading public health stakeholders.Sanofi Pasteur MSD is sending printed and electronic copies of the template now to Directors of Public Health and chairs of the Health and Wellbeing Boards to assist them in their immunisation planning.

The template and CD are available in electronic format on the website: www.spmsd.co.uk/doc.asp?catid=442&docid=846