The Queen's Nursing Institute has said it welcomes the NHS Future Forum's focus on "technology, teaching and transition to community".

The QNI said that many of the themes put forward in the Future Forum's second phase report, which was published on 10 January, reflect their own thinking and work.

"The report is very comprehensive, and covers a lot of ground," said Rosemary Cook , the QNI's director. "But we were particularly pleased to see a focus on three major areas that have concerned us for some time: using technology to improve care, teaching and education for quality care, and the continued transition of care out of hospital and into community services."

The QNI also said they were pleased to see education and training come out as a key theme in the Future Forum's report, saying that it reflected their own work carried out in last year's 'Nursing People at Home'  report.

Rosemary said: "We were delighted to see the Forum set out so clearly the link between increased quality and consistency in education and training, and to call for individual post-qualification development pathways for professionals. Our report shows how education for the specialism of nursing in the community has declined drastically in recent years, with the consequences showing up clearly in poor patient care and missed opportunities to improve health. This is the moment when we must turn this trend around to protect patients, and the Forum has endorsed this view."

The QNI will publish 'Smart New World' on 1 February, which will look at the use of medical, information and supportive technologies in the community to improve patient care. Again, the QNI said this need is reflected in the Forum's emphasis on better use of information and a necessary cultural change to embrace IT.

Posted by Robert Mair 16/1/2011