qvQV is a total emollient therapy range for dry or sensitive skin conditions - including eczema and psoriasis. The products are pH balanced, to help maintain the skin's natural protection, and sodium lauryl sulphate (sls) free. QV Gentle Wash, Cream and Skin Lotion contain glycerol, which works as a natural humectant to draw moisture into the skin.

To support patient compliance a range of information leaflets and fun sticker and colouring activities have been devised for those prescribed QV by their healthcare professional. The materials feature a bear called Qool Vince - known as QV to his friends. Qool Vince does everything he can to help children with sore and itchy skin. He helps explain the QV range to parents and encourages children to keep using their prescribed emollient.

The QV range has products to cleanse the skin and others to moisturise, providing a complete skin care regime.


QV Gentle Wash - A soap free medium foaming cleanser for dry or sensitive skin. QV Gentle Wash is lightly massaged onto the skin, rinsed off and gently dried.

QV Bath Oil - A pleasant bath oil that helps to manage dry skin conditions. Non-greasy, this mild cleanser can be used as often as required in the bath or shower and is suitable for infants upwards.


QV Skin Lotion - A light lotion for all over body moisturising. Used for everyday relief from dry and sensitive skin, QV Skin Lotion can be applied as often as required

QV Cream - A highly concentrated, rich moisturising cream, which can be used as required on dry or sensitive skin. Ideal for areas that need extra hydration.

QV Intensive Ointment - Ideal for very dry skin, this non-greasy and cosmetically appealing emollient protects and soothes the skin and promotes healing. The five active ingredients moisturise and hydrate the skin, and lock in moisture.

For more information on the QV product range and Qool Vince materials, please contact Crawford Healthcare on 01565 654 920 or visit www.qvskincare.co.uk