pregnantThe Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has published a new report linking a healthy pregnancy to a healthy lifestyle.

This recent statement by the college could be seen as a huge cautionary message about how our lifestyles in Britain are changing for the worse with Gail Johnson, professional advisor for education at the RCM saying:

“This research sends a positive message to women about the benefits and importance of a good diet and healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy.

"We like many others have all seen the ‘Start 4 life’ campaigns and television adverts promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is an initiative set up by the government to promote healthier eating. The scheme may not be well known for promoting a healthy lifestyle in pregnant women, but are advertising it all the same; is this recent discovery that the nation is becoming fat a real shock?"

Overall this piece being published in the BMJ is positive the governments message about healthier pregnancies. However, a midwife from the Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath gave us her view of the recently published piece and said: “The RCM is really a body of midwives, people trust the information given by these trained professionals.”

“The S4C campaign is the government producing something that ‘appeals’ that gets to me it’s really not taken seriously… weight problems are a serious issue in this country”