The Royal College of Nursing have stressed the importance of nationally recognised training as part of their guidance for commissioners and employers of healthcare assistants.

RCN Chief Executive Dr Peter Carter said: "Healthcare assistants are valued and integral members of the nursing team.

"However, the current variability in training that HCAs receive is simply not acceptable, particularly as they deliver such a large proportion of nursing care. Detailed training and education of HCAs is essential to produce an effective workforce who can respond to the changing needs of the health and social care sector."

The RCN want to see greater regulation of HCAs alongside the creation of new competence-based, quality assured nationally recognised standards to ensure that HCAs not be expected to perform tasks for which they have not been trained.

Getting the correct staffing mix is also viewed as key with the RCN recommending a ratio of two thirds registered nurses to one third HCAs to avoid situations like ...

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