Young people in secure settings are some of the most troubled and vulnerable in our society and these standards provide a landmark opportunity for all those who work with them to make a real improvement to their health outcomes and life prospects. 

The four Children's Commissioners across the UK expect these standards to apply to all children under the age of 18 years held in centres appropriate for children and that no child should be held in an adult establishment.

Children's Commissioner for Scotland Tam Baillie said: "Research clearly indicates that young people who lose their liberty in secure settings have high levels of physical, mental and emotional health needs, often previously unidentified and unmet. It is their right to receive the highest standard of healthcare attainable.

"It is in the best of interests of young people and society as a whole that we ensure they receive the best possible support and treatment to help rehabilitate them and reduce the future risks that they might otherwise pose to themselves or others. We should all be concerned by the variance in the quality of healthcare currently received by young people in secure settings."

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