Children Healthy EatingA new study has found that without significant national action, 250,000 people will die from preventable conditions by 2025, and even more people will have the quality of their lives drastically reduced.

Responding to the Living Longer, Living Well report published this week (starting 6 June) by the Richmond Group, Professor Russell Viner, Officer for Health Promotion at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said:

"It’s unacceptable that 250,000 people will die from preventable conditions by 2025. However, with more people suffering with type two diabetes, cancers and heart disease thanks to poor lifestyle choices, it really isn’t surprising. What’s most concerning is that some of these conditions are increasingly developing earlier in life. What was once expected to occur in adulthood, is now actually becoming apparent at a much younger age.

“Today’s report acts as a stark reminder of just how poor the nation’s health will be if action isn’t taken now. But this action must have an emphasis on children and young people if it is to make a real impact.

“We know that if children lead healthy lives, they are much more likely to continue on that trajectory as they transition into adulthood. Policies like reformulation of foods to reduce salt, sugar and portion size as recommended in today’s report is something we would support. We would also like to see pregnant women supported to maintain a healthy weight before and during pregnancy in addition to giving up alcohol and smoking - a mother’s actions during this period has a huge impact on their unborn baby.”