Parents should dust and mop their homes regularly to help protect their children from toxic substances, scientists have warned.

Researchers from the Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada and Health Canada claimed that chemicals in the home could be linked to learning and behavioural disorders, and that dusting topped a list of the five best ways to limit the exposure to chemicals in the home.

They found chemicals in the home could also play their part in the development of asthma, cancer and birth defects.

The research, released by Health Canada, revealed that lead particles were detected in all homes that were tested. Professor Bruce Lanphear claimed that children absorb about 50 per cent of ingested lead, compared to 10 per cent in adults.

He said: "House dust is a major source of children's exposures to toxic substances including lead which, even at very low levels, is known to be harmful to the developing brain."

The recommendations which were made by the team included advising pregnant women and children to stay away from rooms that are being renovated, in order to limit exposure to dust and fumes from paints and glues.

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