Development of national minimum training standards and a code of conduct for healthcare support workers reporting to registered nurses and midwives and adult social care workers in England is due to begin in April.

The Department of Health has commissioned Skills for Health and Skills for Care, in consultation with unions, employers, support workers, regulators and education providers, to produce a final report, including the proposed code and standards, by September 2012.

It is expected that this work will define minimum training or induction standards for a range of "core" health and social care support tasks.The standards will also help to clarify the training requirements and levels of accountability for those workers undertaking a wide variety of functions in addition to the "core" support tasks across health and social care.

Skills for Health CEO John Rogers said: "We are delighted to be asked to develop the code of conduct and standards for healthcare support workers. This will build on the work we have already undertaken to develop competences and support learning and skills development for this group of staff who are an essential part of the health sector workforce and make a vital contribution to patient care".

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