Women who suffer repeated miscarriages should be reassured their chances of having a healthy baby are the same as women who have never miscarried, experts have claimed.

The findings come from two separate studies presented at a meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Stockholm.

The first study involved nearly 1,000 women from Denmark and found that two-thirds of women who had suffered recurrent miscarriages went on to have at least one child within five years of being diagnosed and referred to a specialist clinic.

The second study, from the Netherlands found that 70 per cent of women became pregnant after a year of trying for a baby, rising to over 80 per cent after two years of trying.

It is estimated that one per cent of couples have lost three or more pregnancies in a row with no known cause.

Dr Stefan Kaandorp, who led the Dutch research, said: "Our results mean that women with recurrent miscarriage can be reassured that their time to a subsequent conception is not significantly longer than that for fertile women without a history of miscarriage.

"Recurrent miscarriage is extremely stressful for these women and we hope that our study will give them hope and encourage them to keep trying for the baby they want so much."

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