chancetotalkA Chance to Talk is an initiative piloted by charity I CAN aimed at improving the communication skills of 4-7 year-olds in primary schools. 

Primary school pupils need effective speech, language and communication skills to learn and develop socially and emotionally. 

The initiative offers schools a model of commissioning support for all children’s speech, language and communication over three levels or waves. It operates across clusters of primary schools, building their capacity to work with children’s language.

The A Chance to Talk model provided:
• training and development for schools to develop good quality teaching that supports all children’s language
• a targeted intervention – Talk Boost – for children with delayed language delivered by trained teaching assistants
• speech and language therapy for those with more complex SLCN

This report describes the pilot of A Chance to Talk across four areas in England, and is for all those involved – schools, speech and language service managers, funding partners.

It also aims to communicate the excitement, success and opportunities of A Chance to Talk to those who may want to commission support in a similar way.

A Chance to Talk was developed, piloted and evaluated by I CAN working with The Communication Trust, supported by the Every Child a Chance Trust.

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