BrexitThe Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has announced that while it respects the outcome of this democratic process, it is a “disappointing outcome”.

A spokesperson said: “The RCM is disappointed that the outcome of the referendum is a vote to leave the EU. During the referendum campaign, the RCM supported a vote to remain in the UK on the basis that this would be the best way to secure important maternity entitlements for pregnant women, legal protections for the midwifery profession, and employment rights for midwives and maternity support workers that were all benefits of EU membership.

“The vote is likely to result in a period of considerable uncertainty for the UK. Whilst it will be some time before the full economic, political and social implications become clear, the impact that this will have on public finances and the funding of the NHS remains of concern to the RCM.

“The RCM will redouble its efforts to safeguard its members’ employment rights, the status of the profession and women’s maternity entitlements and protections. We will also be seeking assurances about the position and future of the many valued EU citizens who work in the NHS.”