School Nurses Protecting children's health; new immunisation schedule
Jo Yarwood, Department of Health Programme Manager for Immunisations  

 Child sexual exploitation
Karen Hinchcliffe, Senior SW Practitioner, Children and Young People, Stockport Council 

 Using knowledge, data and information to influence and impress commissioners – a facilitated exercise
Wendi Murphy, Managing Director, Children and Young People First

 Public Health England
Eustace de Souza, Deputy Director - Infants, Children and Young People

Young Carers and School Nurse Young Carer Champions
Christine Slatcher, Development Worker at The Children's Society

 Solihull approach; emotional health & wellbeing 
Sandra Williamson, School Nurses, Integrated Childrens Services (Virgincare)

 Mobile messaging with young people
Jimmy Endicott, Mobile Media Development Manager

School Nursing - Tools of the Trade 
Betsy Allen, Professional Lead for School Nursing, Integrated Childrens Services, Virgincare 

Supporting young people to seek support to maximise their health
Jill Beswick, Healthy Child Pathway Manager, Child and Family Business Group 

 School nurse development programme
Wendy Nicholson, Department of Health Professional Officer for Nursing (School Nursing)