asthmaCharity Asthma UK has produced an care toolkit to help support health professionals so they can provide the best possible care and advice to asthma sufferers to reduce the estimated 75% of avoidable hospital admissions.

Every day in the UK, three people die after having an asthma attack - in 2011, there were 1,167 deaths, and 18 of these were children aged 14 and under. Despite the NHS spending around £1 billion a year treating and caring for affected people, a large number of hospital admissions and many deaths could be prevented if people had better care.

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The practical resources include an online community so they can stay up to date with the latest asthma treatments and developments. There is also an action plan designed for those aged 12 or over to help young people take better control of their condition; wallet-sized helpline cards with information on how to contact Asthma UK’s specialist helpline number if someone has an attack; postcards which can be displayed in nurses’ waiting rooms.

There is also an animated video telling patients how to use and improve their inhaler technique, as well as a series of podcasts which cover all the available devices - an emergency care pack on the three main tyes can be downloaded free. Professionals who regularly see affected people are advised to have an asthma diploma - a list of training providers is included.

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