Read Sharon's update on the Department of Health's School Nurse Development Programme for April 2013

April Update - Sharon White
Wendy Nicholson provided an overview of progress to date in four key priorities: enhancing leadership, evidence based interventions, national award and continuing professional development.

Young Carers workstream
School Nurse Young Carer Champions - more than 100 volunteers have come forward. To be trained by Young Carers.

SAPHNA hosting competition on behalf of DH for Young Carers to design a pin to be worn by SN YC champions. Will also be extended to District Nurses later in the year.
Pathway still under development.

Flu Programme
Jo Yarwood, DH Imms lead, outlined the DH and Public Health England plans to implement flu vaccine to children up to 16 and the pilot approaches. To begin in Sept for all two year old and pilots in a number of Primary Schools.
SAPHNA is a member of the Flu Project board

School Nurse Service Planner
Michael McGechie provided an updated presentation on the school nurse service planner.
Contact MM for further information
Sexual health pathway
SW requested the Sexual Health Taskforce Group should consider including the issue of child sexual exploitation in the pathway. WN advised this was being added to the work.

SC provided a short summary of Healthwatch responsibilities and future plans

Young People’s Champions
DC and DM from the British Youth Council provided an update on the pilot of areas re Young Champions for School Nursing, and progress.
Three areas are involved: Trafford, Wythenshaw and Sandwell.
DC is pursuing accreditation

Children and young People’s Outcomes Framework
SW provided a short overview of the Children and Young People’s Outcomes Framework and how the work was progressing – the group are currently considering next steps.

Social Media
Feedback was provided on social media events and Twitter activity.
Those who attended the social media event are included in a webinar to look at next steps

School Health Hub
Wendi Murphy provided an overview and presentation of the school health hub which will be part of Chi Mat. It is anticipated that the site page will go live mid-May.

School Nurse App
JE and MC from Leicester provided a presentation on the progress in their area and how they are using apps and text messaging.

Issues for next meeting:
• Young People’s Champions
• Child Sexual Exploitation
• You’re Welcome and Patient Experience
• Public Health: Children and Young People’s Outcomes Framework

For opportunities to get involved and to stay abreast of the on-going work visit the SAPHNA site regularly and the ‘have your say’ section.

Sharon White
Professional Officer