Progress report

Wendy Nicholson, DoH Professional lead School Nursing, outlined the four priority workstreams for the next two years of the programme;


CPD; complex needs and emotional health and well-being

National award

Review of the evidence base

Young carers workstream

DoH, RCN, QNI , SAPHNA and other partners currently developing funding application for next 2 years. Update anticipated in September

Wendy attended the national Carers fest where there were 1700 YC. She reported it as an exciting and inspirational event. There was some local School Nurse presence (Southampton). She would like to see a fuller contribution to next years event. SAPHNA will aim to attend and will send out further details.

Nominations currently being taken for next cohort of School Nurses who wish to become YC champions. Training in October. Let me know asap

Social Media

Professional social media network proposal awaiting DH sign off

CYP social media-?pilot to be run by Public Health England/NHS England

Pathways and Products

Young carers, Emotional health and well-being, Sexual health anticipated publication date of Sept/Oct

Suggestions for future pathways include;

Independent School Nurses

Vulnerable children


Those educated outside of school

Also a small scale evaluation of current pathways to be undertaken

Children’s community network

No further update

Young peoples engagement

British Youth Council finalising report on their work in developing School Nurse Champions role

Discussion on how to embed as best practice. Suggested should be built into commissioning arrangements. Only cost £30 per young person to train/accredit

You’re welcome standards;

Now sits in NHS England (Kath Evans). No immediate [lans to review/update

NHS England to develop Young Leaders Programme so can influence at policy level


Association of young people’s health

Presentation re their work on ‘Be Healthy’ re child sexual exploitation.

See for downloadable resources

Currently seeking further funding to support next steps. Also developing dvd’s which will be shown by NHS choices re CSE for health professionals and young people

Sam Cox on behalf of Kirsty Blenkins PHE; Drugs and alcohol team

Presentation on teams work and key stats.

Wendy to share examples of best practice submitted by School Nurses

RCPCH currently updating e-learning programme re substance misuse


Mind Ed

Laura Green Project Lead for e-learning on emotional health and wellbeing; funded by DoH.

Launch Spring 2014

X26 sessions for all NHS professionals ‘Healthy Child’

SAPHNA contributing to the development and content  

Mental health first aid

Poppy Gemain CEO presented re training programme

Included Youth mental health first aid

Now developing school Peer to Peer education, current pilot in high and primary school