schoolnurseChildren face being left behind in the modern NHS, Unite’s Rachael Maskell said, in an impassioned speech at this year’s CPHVA conference.

In a stirring address to conference she said that school children “cannot be left second in our NHS”, adding that “school nursing was woefully under-resourced”. However, she also praised delegates for their “professionalism and dedication”, as well as supporting the 55,000 who took to the streets of Manchester in protest of cuts, saying that it reflects the belief that the NHS is “everyone’s top priority”.

In her address to conference, chair Carolyn Taylor focused on the numerous projects that are currently running, including numerous events taking place up and down the country and a desire to get more health visitors and community practitioners to embrace social media.

Vice president Christopher Cloke expressed alarm at the rise in the number of Serious Case Reviews, and asked the question “why do professionals not learn from Serious Case Reviews?” He said more can be done to learn from reviews and that learning should be shared better, as well as ensuring teams work together to ensure issues don’t arise in the first place.

Closing the morning session, Professor Viv Bennett said more should be done to stop children from getting ill in the first place, especially in the face of resistant diseases which cannot be treated by conventional drugs. “There ain’t no pill for every ill,” she remarked. 

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