Children as young as five are being exposed to "explicit" images to teach them about sex, a new report by the Christian Institute claims.

The group, in its report Too Much, Too Young says that 10 of the books and teaching packs, recommended for use in primary schools, contain "unsuitable" and "shocking" images.

One book for children aged five shows cartoon images of a couple having sex and another one tells seven-year-olds that sex is like tickling or skipping.

The group suggests parents take an active role and stand as governors at their child's primary school to influence the content of sex education classes and veto unsuitable material.

Mike Judge, Head of Communications at The Christian Institute, said: "Most parents would be deeply upset if these materials were used with their primary-aged child.

"If public bodies believe these resources are suitable for young children, there is clearly a problem with their judgement and more control needs to be given to parents.

"Parents must have the right to be fully consulted about materials. They must be able to review them, and veto any that are unsuitable."

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