zeroaqsSodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free ZeroAQS emollient cream from T&R Derma now costs 39% less than 500g Aqueous cream.

The Drug Tariff price for Aqueous cream has just increased to £5-41 for 500g compared to £3-29 for ZeroAQS - an equivalent product, with the added advantage of being SLS free. It is estimated that a simple switch from Aqueous Cream to ZeroAQS could save the NHS £4m over the next 12 months.

ZeroAQS is listed on the Drug Tariff and Nurse Prescriber's Formulary. It is fragrance and colour free and can be used as an effective emollient to moisturise the skin and as a soap-substitute for skin cleansing.

ZeroAQS is part of the Zeroderma emollient range for eczema and dry skin conditions - all products in the range are SLS-free. Recent research has indicated that SLS may increase water loss from the skin and can aggravate the skin of eczema sufferers.

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