sugarspoonA study of over 1500 babies has found that they cry less if given drops of sugar solution before injections.

Having looked at data from 1551 infants aged between one month and a year, researchers from Jordan found that those given a sucrose solution two minutes before immunisations were 56-75% less likely to cry than those given water.

Lead researcher Manal Kassab from the department of maternal and child health at the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid said: "Giving babies something sweet to taste before injections may stop them from crying for as long. Although we can’t confidently say that sugary solutions reduce needle pain, these results do look promising."

As the data was taken across 14 studies, Asst Prof Kassab has called for a future holistic study looking at different pain measures and concentrations.

Individual studies also used different pain measures, making it difficult to conclude that sugar solutions actually reduced pain.

"We need to see more data from well-conducted trials in children under one year, especially in relation to optimal concentration, volume and method of administration of sugar solutions," she added.

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