Research from Italy has shown that the high potassium and sodium content of brown seaweed combined with its omega-3 fatty acids make it a highly effective spot treatment.

A clinical review by health researcher Dr Carrie Ruxton looked at how phycosaccdarides can tackle skin problems and the soon-to-be published paper details how marine organisms contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.

Dr Ruxton said: "Spots and acne can have a large impact on social and psychological wellbeing, particularly if the condition leads to scarring.

"The use of seaweed oligosaccharides, in particular Phycosaccharide AC is an effective, natural alternative for the treatment of acne. The latest double blind clinical trial has shown that treatment [with Phycosaccharide AC] can significantly improve acne symptoms and the number of inflammatory lesions and spots, as well as lower sebum levels - and all within 14 days of use."

After two weeks use of the treatment 60 volunteers aged 12 to 24 with mild acne saw a reduction in inflammatory and retentional skin lesions of more than double that of those in the control group, by the end of 56 days the difference was 61 per cent compared to 42 per cent with no noticeable side-effects.



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