careersnursingThe “What about YOUth?” (WAY) survey 2014 is the first population based, self-reported survey that will collect data on a range of factors, such as smoking, emotional wellbeing, diet and physical activity in 15 year olds in England.

The overall purpose of the WAY survey is to collect robust local level data on a range of topics so that local authorities, policy makers and other organisations can drive improvements in outcomes concerning the health of children and young people. It will consist of a trial survey, which if successful will be followed by a main survey with data being available by the end of October 2015.

The decision to run a trial WAY survey was announced as part of a new pledge about making improvements to the health of children and young people, on 19th February 2013. This was part of the Government’s response to the recommendations made by the Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum and aims to feed into the Public Health Outcome Framework (PHOF). This will be the vehicle for collecting information on the PHOF’s placeholder indicator on smoking prevalence at age 15.

The survey is sponsored by the Department of Health, and is being run by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) and undertaken by Ipsos Mori in partnership with the National Child Bureau. The key end users of the data that the survey would provide are local authority commissioners, policy makers, service providers and third-sector organisations.

The survey includes questions on the following main topics:
• Smoking
• Diet
• Drugs
• Alcohol
• Wellbeing
• Physical activity and sedentary behaviour
• Bullying