Survivors of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) have created a government e-petition calling for changes to break the myths and taboos around CSA and ensure survivors are not pathologised & victimised by society.

In the e-petition Survivors of CSA call on the Department of Health for support in:
- ensuring adequate provisions of support/services available & accessible in every city/county by specialist staff in CSA.
- eliminating adherence to stereotypes & what supposedly defines a 'real survivor'.
- ensuring every service is inclusive of providing support to CSA Survivors & adequately funded.
- providing free specialist long term psychotherapy, not based solely on clinical diagnosis & reducing waiting times.
- ensuring there are trained staff who understand the cultural difficulties faced by a BME/Ethnic CSA Survivors.
- providing services/professionals with supplementary training in order to support CSA Survivors.
- ensuring there are stricter guidelines, sensitivity on media reporting on CSA.
- CSA Survivors to be consulted when implementing policies or development of services.
- CSA Survivors to be respected both during police disclosure and medical examination.

To find out more and sign the petition visit: