Two-year-old Christopher Merrett has such severe food allergies that even the smell of pizza can send him into potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.

Christopher's mum Michelle Merrett, 35, said she first realised something was wrong when he was weaned off breastmilk at six months old and moved onto cows' milk.

Christopher, from Colchester, Essex, kept getting infections and was moved onto soya milk, which he was also allergic too. Tests revealed he is also allergic to egg, wheat, histamines and sulphites, as well as ingredients in Play Dough, paints and crayon.

The toddler was rushed to hospital and spent three weeks there after touching a shopping trolley which had minute traces of milk on it.

She added: "It looked clean. We put him in there and within minutes his feed and hands had gone blue and we knew there was something dreadfully wrong.

"'We realised then he must have put his fingers in his mouth after touching the trolley and it must have previously had some sort of milk product on it.'

Mrs Merrett said: "We cannot have pizza when he is in the house as his allergy is kicked off just by the smell."

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Posted by Penny Hosie on 16.2.11
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