lyndabellinghamBarnados Ambassador Lynda Bellingham urges health professionals to take action in the charity's 'Remember they are Children' campaign.

The former actress and Loose Women panelist said: "I was appalled to discover that our courts, which should be there to protect vulnerable people, can leave children believing they are to blame for the abuse they’ve experienced.

"Take Lucy [not her real name] she is only 13. She was judged as ‘sexually mature’ and responsible for seducing the person who sexually exploited her. But Lucy is a child and no child can ever truly agree to being sexually exploited.

"Barnardo’s believes that real justice for sexually exploited children starts with a legal system that treats them as children. I agree and think we have an important chance to make this happen that we mustn’t miss.

"That’s why I’m asking that you take action now to make sure sexually exploited children get better justice. Tell our legal system to remember they are children."