VEkidsAn NHS report published on 18 July 2013, shows just 19% of children take their free eye test, with rates in gradual decline over the past ten years.

To help stem the problem, Vision Express has joined forces with Medikidz to develop a comic based on common experiences children may face with their vision, such as struggling to watch television, or read from a whiteboard at school.

The end product will be given the seal of approval from a panel of medical advisors and vision care experts before being made available, for free in Vision Express stores, from October.

Vision Express are searching for a youngster aged 4 to 11 to become its star character in the comic. One winner will have their image hand-drawn into the superhero story by a team of skilled illustrators. Entries open from 18th July 2013. Parents need to enter on behalf of their child, by simply completing their details online at The winner will be picked in a prize draw, closing on 31 August 2013.

Further information on how SAPHNA members can get involved in our eye awareness campaign will be available in the new school term.

Click here to read the full report: General Ophthalmic Services activity statistics for England, ending 31 March 2013, published 18 July 2013.