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Webinar: School Entry Child Vision, Hearing and BMI Screening

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Watch a 30 minute Webinar and Q&A on School Entry vision, hearing and BMI screening. Michael Ter-Berg, CEO of Thomson Screening chairs a discussion with an NHS Orthoptist responsible for screening in a London Borough and a Public Health Nurse responsible for screening in a county wide programme.

The webinar includes a short presentation on Thomson Screening’s SchoolScreener software, which is widely used by both National Health Service and other providers for managing locality wide School Entry vison, hearing and BMI screening programmes. SchoolScreener was developed from many years of Research & Development at City University for London, for use without requiring a clinical background. The software manages screening quality and automates administration, pathway management, reporting and audit with data exporting to Child Health Information Systems.

Thomson Screening was formed by City University of London to manage the ongoing development, implementation and user support for the SchoolScreener software.

Rudrika Joshi-Borrel is a specialist Orthoptist who has been managing the Barnet vision Screening service for the past 4 years. She has been practising Orthoptics for almost 10 years, and is specialised in vision screening, special needs, as well as being the Orthoptic lead for Macular diseases and Glaucoma for her department.

Vanessa Pumfrey works for the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust 0-19 Healthy Child Programme team. as part of the School Nursing team in West Sussex. She joined the team in 1999, as a staff nurse, then became a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, then as Team Lead. In these roles, she has been involved in the school entry screening process both as a screener and as an organiser of the service.

**Content for this page, including the content of the webinar, was paid for and provided by Thomson Screening.