We're less than 24 hours away from the first ever JFHC Live event and, with the schedule in place, here's a couple of highlights from each room on the first day:

Room 1 

How does the future look for children's community services 

In this talk, Alison Wall will outline the policies that are shaping the future and delivery of children's services. She'll look at the opportunities available to commissioners as well as the key priorities for the children's workforce.

Nursing people at home - what matters to patients and how to provide it 

Rosemary Cook CBE, Director at the Queens Nursing Institute (QNI), presents findings of the organisation's Right Nurse, Right Skills campaign, which looked at the level of care and service patients want to receive in their own home.

Room 2 

Obesity in children 

"You should think diet at every visit" is the message sent out to health visitors by Tam Fry in this talk on childhood obesity. With the situation of childhood obesity never far from the headlines, find out why it remains a hot topic and what can be done to tackle the issue.

Constipation in children: the implications of NICE guidelines for treatment in general practice

Professor David Candy looks at the NICE guidelines on the treatment for constipation, and asks whether they succeed, considering they were based on the "best available (albeit inadequate) evidence".

Room 3 

Supporting children's mental health through play 

Ensuring children's mental health is looked after can be tricky. Barbara Evans argues that looking at ways in which parents play with their children could have huge mental health benefits if they get it right.

Obesity and pregnancy - how can we stop the crisis 

This presentation, by Karen Jewell, looks at the rising issue of obesity in pregnancy. It looks at the issues around the problem and what it means for midwifery services, as well as presenting new findings from a controlled UK trial on pregnancy and obesity.