cmyphThe World Health Organization (WHO) is currently developing a report, Health for the World’s Adolescents, that will outline recent research and the growing consensus on the importance of adolescent health; and the achievements of the health sector in improving and maintaining the health of the world’s 1.2 billion adolescents (10-19 years).

The report will present WHO guidance across the organization; highlight the progress Member States have made in making their health sector more responsive to adolescents needs; strengthen and support global initiatives that have an impact on the health of adolescents; and provide a
concrete follow-up to the World Health Assembly resolution 64.28 on Youth and Health Risks from 2011. The report will be released in 2014.
A webpage has therefore been created through which adolescents and people working to improve their health can make input into the report:

Adolescents can contribute to the report through any of the following ways:
• Taking an survey about their perspectives on health and health services (this is in 6 languages)
• Entering a photo competition
• Sharing their story
• Being creative (sharing poems, drawings etc.)