The National Federation of Women's Institutes have passed a resolution to support the Royal College of Midwives campaign for 5,000 more midwives after RCM President gave an impassioned speech at the WI AGM yesterday [30 May].

Lesley Page told more than 5,000 WI members at the Royal Albert Hall that "there is chronic shortage of midwives" despite an increase of 3,500 under the last two governments.

"Without more midwives there is a real risk that safety will be compromised," she added. "A recent report into maternal deaths in London recommended that in order to reduce maternal mortality, units should provide a minimum ratio of one midwife to every 30 births and that women should have one to one care during labour by a midwife.

"Scrimping on midwifery services might seem to save money in the
short term; but the economic and social costs will be greater in the long term if we short change the next generation. A far wiser course is to invest in the very start of life; one which I am sure will pay rich dividends."

Following the speech, the NFWI voted in large numbers to pass the resolution and add their weight to the more midwives campaign, which JFHC is also supporting on Twitter @journalfhc #moremidwives

You can read or download a full copy of the speech at 

And go to to sign the petition for 5,000 more midwives

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