stisSexual health charity Brook has labelled independent pregnancy counselling centres which give young people misinformation about abortions as "simply immoral".

Simon Blake OBE, Chief Executive of Brook said: "Young people should be offered unbiased and accurate information about healthcare, including abortion, so they can make up their own minds without undue outside pressure.

"It is simply immoral and unacceptable to masquerade as a service that helps clients make decisions through exploring choices, when the reality is – as this report based on young women's experiences shows – at some CPCs you will get a mixture of misinformation, coercion and fright tactics."

His comments come after an investigation by the Telegraph revealed that two independent pregnancy counselling centres have been falsely claiming that having an abortion can increase risk of breast cancer and infertility.

Tactics range from subtly weighting the information they offer against abortion to giving overtly incorrect information, and providing ultrasound scans with the apparent intention of persuading women to continue with their pregnancies.

Brook’s own investigation of 33 ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ between 2012 and 2014 suggests that this is just "the tip of the iceberg".
Mystery shoppers from the charity visited just under a quarter of the 135 ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ identified by our project Education For Choice over the past two years.

They reported that the majority are offering "unacceptably biased and misleading information about pregnancy and abortion".
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