zerobasenewZerobase emollient cream from T&R Derma has a new look and is now available in an airless 500g pump dispenser for ease of application and minimal wastage. Zerobase is an emollient cream that is free from perfume, colour and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). Zerobase has the same 21% w/w paraffin content as a leading branded emollient but with cost savings of up to 19%!  It has a slightly higher liquid paraffin content to moisturise and protect red, inflamed dry skin conditions.

Zerobase emollient cream is available in 50g and 500g sizes which are both listed on the NHS National Framework Agreement for the supply of proprietary pharmaceuticals (CM/PHR/11/5256).  Zerobase is also available on prescription and listed in the Nurse Prescribers Formulary.

Suitable for adults and children, Zerobase is recommended for the relief of dry, damaged, inflamed or chapped skin, the protection of raw skin areas and can also be used as a pre-bathing emollient for dry / eczematous skin to alleviate the drying effects of bathing.

Zerobase is part of the T&R Derma SLS - free Zeroderma range of products for eczema and dry skin conditions. The range offers the product quality and performance of leading emollient brands but with cost savings of up to 19%.

A 30g tube of Zerobase is available for patient evaluation.To receive a sample size of Zerobase Emollient Cream or for more information, healthcare professionals can email: or call 01484 842217

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